Surakshitha Biofuels

An alternative source of energy that has great potential in helping in the reduction of the carbon footprint otherwise produced by burning conventional fossil fuels.A study has shown that one of our brand B100 has up to 78% reduction in the carbon emissions when compared with conventional fuel.

Bio – Diezel

Bio-diezel is 100% sustainable, green energy that is produced from vegetable oil / animal fat. It has also been noticed that this fuel cleans the engine & increases general engine health. Biodiesel is cheaper than petroleum as it is easier to produce.

Surakshita Biofuels products

Bio-Diezel® B100 Bio – Diezel PLUS® B30
Bio – Diezel ENERG® B30 Bio – Diezel STD® B10

Bio – Diezel® use areas

Public Transport and Passenger Cars Power Generators
Railways Telecom Towers
Construction Equipment Industrial Power
Agriculture Equipment Logistics Vehicles